Layer of mulch

In the heat the roots are kept cool and the loss of humidity of the soil and the weed growth is reduced. During heavy rain, the layer of mulch avoids the soil from becoming muddy and being washed out. At the same time the layer of mulch starts composting and hence the humus is formed which ends as organic manure. Earthworms and other small animals bring the mulch material into deeper soil layers by thus converting it into valuable vegetable nourishment for plants.
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Coir needle felt disc 1000g/m2
30 cm
Coir needle felt disc 1000g/m2
40 cm
Coir beds
100 cm / 2000g/m2
CCM400 both sides and inside
Jute Felt 100% Jute
220 cm
with Jute Fabric 4oz/40 in the

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